Our Story

Ishtar Food Industries - a story for every taste

As one of the top producers of frozen food and ready-to-cook Syrian food all over Egypt, we diligently meet all customer needs, reflecting the variety and taste of Syrian food into our products.

Our food makes it easy for you to cook and prepare any meal thanks to its carefully chosen ingredients and useful packaging. Our recipes and ingredients are taken from authentic Syrian flavours, famous for their diversity and deliciousness. In addition, we offer all food products that the consumer desires from Syrian appetisers like kubbeh and sambousek to international products like zinger, nuggets, burgers and other.

Ishtar is committed to the continuous development of its processes, recipes and tools, working hard to develop innovative ways and manufacture its products with our team of experts and specialists in the field of food industries.

Our Values


we are committed to protecting the environment and serving society to maintain a sustainable planet as we owe it to our customers, partners and employees.


we are committed to meeting all quality and safety standards to provide food products that satisfy our customers.


we are dedicated to transparency and ethical standards in order to provide high-quality products without compromising our reputation.