Ishtar is a trusted name for grilled and frozen food products in Egypt. As one of the most important companies in the food industry, we are keen to provide the finest chicken and meat products and appetisers that are safe and ready for consumption in accordance with the highest quality standards.

We employ the top professionals in the industry to produce superior products that outperform many of their competitors in the market. We do this by using cutting-edge freezing techniques that will preserve the nutritional value and quality without affecting the original delectable taste.

Our production lines are supported by the most recent technology adhering to global safety standards, in addition to being closely monitored at all times in the factory. In addition, we ensure the distributor’s dedication to local and international food safety standards.

All of our products are subject to internal and external checks and examinations to ensure their safety and suitability for human consumption, including examinations of raw materials used in product preparation, packaging and even the safety of staff and hygienic conditions of the facilities.

We also make every effort to improve and advance our operations by abiding by all applicable laws and regulations. It was because of this that we were able to qualify for numerous certificates and credits.

Here are the certifications and credentials we have earned.

To ensure the quality and safety of its food, Ishtar adheres to certain standards:


We have been eager to have an improved system in all stages of production because quality is one of the most crucial factors in product success and is the first thing taken into account in the management of food safety and quality. All operations are organised within the company through continuous quality control and adhering to a food safety system based on approved standards.

Facilities and equipment

Ishtar Company uses cutting-edge technology and high-quality mechanisms to produce the best products. It’s dedicated to maintaining clean facilities and equipment for food hygiene.

Employees’ health and safety

All of our employees undergo the health test required to work with us for food safety with ongoing follow-up and they are trained in all food hygiene systems, including personal hygiene and safety, taking security and safety measures into consideration to ensure staff safety.

Periodic monitoring

Ishtar Food Industries Company continuously monitors factory operations and food safety and quality by developing strategies and plans depending on careful examinations of the working conditions in the factory.