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Delicious Syrian recipes right away to your table in Egypt

Ishtar Food Industries is one of Egypt’s major producers and suppliers of high-quality foodstuffs. It offers a large range of frozen meat and chicken products, as well as delicious Syrian appetisers.

With ingredients chosen to the highest standards and handy packaging, our food makes it easy for you to cook and prepare any meal. The recipes and ingredients used in our products are derived from traditional Syrian flavours, giving you that authentic taste.

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Ishtar, a story for every taste

As one of the biggest manufacturers of frozen food and ready-to-cook Syrian food, we work hard to meet all consumers’ needs all over Egypt.

We wanted to reflect the variety and taste of Syrian food into our products. We offer everything the client needs, from Syrian appetisers like kubbeh and sambusa to globally known products like zinger, nuggets, burgers, and others…

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Ishtar believes in sustainable partnerships that drive business growth. Therefore, it doesn’t just manufacture and produce food products. It provides many renowned companies with integrated packaging services that meet the highest quality and safety standards, regardless of the size and volume of shipments.

In order to offer the best services with the utmost honesty, we package your products using the most cutting-edge and precise technologies. We make sure that the area, equipments and tools we use in all of our operations are clean.

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Quality of our Products

Ishtar is a trusted name for grilled and frozen food products in Egypt. As one of the most important companies in the food industry, we are keen to provide the finest chicken and meat products and appetisers that are safe and ready for consumption in accordance with the highest quality standards.

We employ the top professionals in the industry to produce superior products that outperform many of their competitors in the market. We do this by using cutting-edge freezing techniques that will preserve the nutritional value and quality without affecting the original delectable taste.

Our production lines are supported by the most recent technology adhering to global safety standards, in addition to being closely monitored at all times in the factory. In addition, we ensure the distributor’s dedication to local and international food safety standards.